2015 News Reports

International Cup 2015

Ladies Match: Malmö GAA 6 : 20 Port Malmö Maulers

Congratulation to Malmö Maulers for winning the inaugural Ladies’ International Cup. Also well done to the Malmö GAA Ladies who showed no fear taking to the different game and rules. As always, they’ve done the green and gold proud.

Men’s Match: Malmö GAA 45 : 34 Port Malmö Maulers

We didn’t expect anything else but a tough match against the Maulers. But it’s a great start for the men’s team as we aim to take back our spot at the top of Scandinavia.

Malmö GAA Host Scandinavian Tournament Round One 2015

The tournament will be held at Ribersborg Football Pitches throughout the day and will consist of group and knockout games, both for the Mens & Ladies teams. Come and enjoy the day with us and cheer on Malmö’s very own GAA team as the compete to be Scandinavian Champions.


Travelling Info

For those travelling you can get the number 7 bus from Malmö Centralen which only takes 7mins. The bus drops you off at Potatisåkern and you’re right in front of the pitches (see map).

On May 9th, Malmö GAA will host the first round of the Scandinavian GAA Tournment. Malmö welcomes Mens & Ladies teams from all over Scandinavia.


Malmo Tournament Draw.

All matches are 25 mins (2 x 12.5 mins)

Both finals are 30 mins 2 x 15 mins

Group 1. Pitch 1 and 2

Malmo, Copenhagen, Jyvaskyla, Stockholm B


Group 2. Pitch 1 and 2

Stockholm A, Gothenburg, Ribban Rovers


Ladies. Pitch 3

Malmo, Copenhagen/Gothenburg, Stockholm


Time (Pitch) Match (Umpires)


(1) Malmo v Copenhagen (Stockholm A)

(2) Jyvaskyla v Stockholm B (Gothenburg)


(1) Ribban Rovers v Gothenburg (Stockholm B)

(3) Ladies. Malmo v Stockholm A (Copenhagen/Gothenburg)


(1) Jyvaskyla v Malmo (Stockholm)

(2) Copenhagen v Stockholm B (Ribban Rovers)


(1) Stockholm A v Ribban Rovers (Copenhagen)

(3) Ladies. Cph/Gtb v Stockholm (Malmo)


(1) Malmo v Stockholm B (Jyvaskyla)

(2) Gothenburg v Stockholm (Ribban Rovers)


(1) Jyvaskyla v Copenhagen (Malmo)

(3) Ladies. Malmo v Cph/Gtb (Stockholm)

13.00 Lunch and entertainment


(1) Group 1 winner v Group 2 runner up (3rd Group 1)

(2) Group 2 winner v Group 1 runner up (3rd Group 2)


(1) Third v Third 5/6 playoff (1st Group 2)


(1) 3/4 playoff (4th Group1)


(3) Ladies Final

15.30 (1)

Men’s Final


Some start times may vary throughout the day.

Onwards and Upwards for the Talented Ladies of Malmö GAA

Congratulations to the Malmö GAA Ladies continuing on their European success last year by winning the 1st Round of the Scandinavian Championship. By defeating both Gothenburg in the knock out stage and Stockholm Gaels in the final they have set themselves up nicely for the 2nd Round in Copenhagen. Best of luck to the Champions. 

Knock-Out Round:

Malmö 3-8  :  0-4 Gothenburg


Malmö 0-10  :  1-1 Stockholm