Nordic Gaelic Football Championship Round 1

Malmö GAA Club host Round 1 of the 2019 Nordic Gaelic Football Championship on Saturday, May 11th at Limhmansfältet, Malmö. It promises to be a great day so save the date!


Team registration opens at 8am, with throw-in for the first matches at 9am. Please send team registrations to

After the tournament, the meal and trophy presentations will take place in Fagan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant.



  1. Copenhagen
  2. Helsinki
  3. Malmö
  4. Stockholm A
  5. Stockholm B

Men’s Group 1:

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Malmö
  3. Odense
  4. Stockholm B

Men’s Group 2:

  1. Gothenburg
  2. Helsinki
  3. Stockholm A

Games Schedule/Results


All ladies games take place on the ‘ladies’ pitch’

9.00:  Copenhagen V Stockholm B

9.30:  Helsinki V Malmö

10.00:  Stockholm B V Stockholm A

10.30:  Malmö V Copenhagen

11.00:  Stockholm A V Helsinki

11.30:  Malmö V Stockholm B

12.00:  Stockholm A V Copenhagen

13.30:  Helsinki V Stockholm B

14.00:  Stockholm A V Malmö

14.45:  Copenhagen V Helsinki

16.15:  Final

Men’s Group 1:

All group 1 games take place on ‘men’s pitch 1’, unless stated

9.00:  Odense V Copenhagen

9.45:  Malmö V Stockholm B

10.30:  Stockholm B V Odense

11.00:  Malmö V Copenhagen

12.00:  Malmö V Odense

12.00:  Stockholm B V Copenhagen (men’s pitch 2)

Men’s Group 2:

All group 2 games take place on ‘men’s pitch 2’

9.00:  Stockholm A V Gothenburg

10.00:  Helsinki V Gothenburg

11.00:  Stockholm A V Helsinki

Men’s Knock-out Stage:

Pitch in brackets

13.30:  Semi-final 1 – Winner Group 2 V Runner-up Group 1 (men’s pitch 1)

13.30:  Semi-final 2 – Winner Group 1 V Runner-up Group 2 (men’s pitch 2)

14.30:  3rd Place Match – Loser Semi-final 1 V Loser Semi-final 2 (men’s pitch 1)

14.30:  5th Place Match – 3rd Place Group 1 V 3rd Place Group 2 (men’s pitch 2)

15.30:  Final (Men’s pitch 1)

Getting There

The tournament takes place at Limhamnsfältet, which is served by the Number 7 towards Ön, which stops at both Triangeln and Central Station on it’s way. The closest bus stop to the main pitch is at Potatisåkern.

For live info and a route planner, you can use www.skå or download the Skånetrafiken app.