Welcome to the Team!

Choose the membership option that is right for you and please fill in the form and make your payment according to the instructions below.


Full Membership – 800 SEK

As a full member you can join in all competitive matches and both Scandinavian and European tournaments. Including any travel discounts made available by the club.

Dual Malmö GAA-Port Malmö AFL Membership – 500 SEK 

For those who wish to be full members in both the GAA league and the Aussie Rules league.

Introductory Membership – 400 SEK

Full membership for those joining the club for their first year.

Student Membership – 200 SEK

Full membership for students.

Family/Social Membership – 100 SEK

For the members who are not interested in the football side of things but wish to support the club and join the club on the social side.

Junior Membership – 50 SEK

For our junior members under the age of 18.



If you do not have a Swedish Personal Number you may skip this field.


The Club is currently working on organising a new bank account for the upcoming season, so account details will be filled in below as soon as possible.

We accept bank payments made directly to the clubs account below.

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Payments within Sweden





Payments from Ireland

Club account international details:




Please remember to include your name in the payment so we know who it’s from.