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Malmö Are Nordic Champions Again


Malmö GAA became the Men’s Nordic Champions after a second place finish in Round 3 of the 2016 Championship. It’s the first time for the men’s team since their winner exploits in the first year of the club.



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Malmö's Men go in Search of Title


Malmö GAA go to Helsinki this Saturday in search of their first men’s title since 2009. The last round of the Nordic Championship sees battling it out. With Malmo’s men sitting top of the table, hopes are high of the Nordic trophy heading back down south.



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Malmö Men Aim to go Top


Malmö Men will take on Copenhagen in Round 2 of the Nordic Championship. After a somewhat disappointing position in Round 1, Malmö will be looking to improve upon their 4th place in Oslo. With 3 very narrow losses in that first tournament, the men will need to turn the close losses into wins.


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Malmö Ladies Look to Take Back The Trophy


Malmö Ladies were unable to make it 3 in a row last year having won the 2013 and 2014 Nordic Championships. The Ladies are determined to get back to winning ways and their eyes are firmly fixed on taking back the Nordic Championship title this year starting tomorrow in Copenhagen.


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4th Place for Malmö's Men in Round One


It was a 4th place finish for Malmö GAA in the opening round of the Nordic Championship in Oslo. It was a disappointing result but definitely not a true reflection of the performances. Injuries played a big part throughout the day and relinquishing leads in the final minutes of two games were the deciding factors for round one for Malmö’s men.


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Malmö Aim for Winning Start


Malmö’s men head to Oslo this Saturday for the opening round of the Nordic Championships. Having disappointed two years previously in Oslo, Malmö aim to start the championship with a bang. Bolstered by 4 players from Copenhagen, the team travel with more firepower than last time. This could be the key to success in the grueling tournament system.


5 new players are part of the Malmö squad heading to Oslo. The new faces will be complemented by many of the familiar team from the previous years. Along with new Irish recruits, Achill man Colin, Phil and Dublin man Domhnall, the long awaited debut of Peter “Peppe” Fransson will finally happen this weekend. Something that has been spoken about all the way from Mayo to Lund. Added to this will be the flair of Brazilian Luis, who also joins the debut men.


The mix of new and old will be put to the test by Stockholm, Helsinki, Jyväskylä and hosts Oslo. It is set to be one of the strongest competitions in recent seasons. Stockholm, as reigning champions will be the ones to beat, while hosts Oslo will benefit from the home field and squad advantage. Helsinki have caused problems for Malmö before and Jyväskylä have continued to improve tournament on tournament.


But the confidence within the Malmö ranks remains. With a strong win over Port Malmö Maulers in the International Cup in March, the belief is there that Malmö can challenge this year.


The first test in Oslo will show a lot for Malmö. With the artificial grass and longer pitch, Malmö hope that their long preseason will put them at a fitness advantage. If the team can click and get their passing game going, Saturday night could see Oslo being painted Green and Gold.

May Newsletter - Hot off the Press


May's edition of The Malmö Leader, Malmö GAA's Newsletter is now available. News from All-Star Awards, Membership Record, Oslo Tournament and more.


You can get your copy here.

Malmö GAA Aim to Hit Record Membership Numbers


For being a GAA club in the third most populous city in Sweden, we are very proud of the club that we have built. Last year we had a total of 70 members within the club. A fantastic number but as always, we aim to continuously outdo ourselves.


So that’s why we are aiming to hit our highest number of club members ever. That’s where you come in.

There is nothing to lose from becoming a member, whether you are a full member (800kr) who will get support towards tournament expenses or even just a social member (100kr) who can avail of great discounts at our sponsor’s Fagans Irish Pub-Restaurant.


But there is so much to gain. You’ll become a member of a club with a great community, strong traditions, a great social scene and a very bright future.


Just head over toöGAAMembership to sign up. It only takes 2 minutes.



Club Newsletter Up and Running

Malmö GAA have launched a club newsletter called The Malmö Leader. We will aim to have a new edition each month during the season.


If you have any club related news you want shared in the newsletter, email


You can read the April Edition of The Malmö Leader here.

Malmö GAA win 7th International Cup

A confident performance by Malmö GAA was rewarded with a 46-11 win over Port Malmö Maulers. The win keeps the International Cup in Irish hands for another year.


The annual International Cup, an international rules match used as a curtain raiser for Malmö GAA’s season, was played at Limhamnsfältet, Malmö on Saturday, March 12th. As always, the date being chosen close to St. Patrick’s Day. It was time to get the pasty Irish legs out into the Scandinavian nippy end of Winter weather.


The game began in typical Irish fashion; late. Even with the late throw in, the game failed to spring into life in the 1st quarter. It was to be expected with both sides coming directly from indoor training for their first outing on grass this year. The damp underfoot conditions didn’t help either. Although there was some small glimpses of skill from both sides, the 1 over to 1 wide (3 - 1) 1st quarter scoreline in Malmö GAA’s favour reflected the slow start.


Malmö GAA came into the game more in the 2nd quarter with some fast paced passing. The Maulers found it difficult to stick with the step up in pace. The shooting from both sides remained an issue; the Aussies getting to grips with the round ball and the Irish trying to blow off the cobwebs.


As the half time whistle went, Malmö GAA went into the break the happier team and with the lead.


The 3rd quarter had always been the big one in the International Cup. The Maulers have been quite effective in this quarter in previous years, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Malmö GAA. There was a marked effort by the Irish to frustrate and limit the chances for the Maulers as the 3rd quarter commenced. Malmö GAA were able to take control and this made the difference in the end.


The Maulers scoring was stunted with some dogged defending in the back line with the likes of Mats Blomqvist and Ciaran Smyth not giving an inch to the Aussie’s attack. The lead was cemented with more clinical finishing in the forward line with David Burns, Mick Lynch and Gavin Turley all getting on the scoresheet.


Malmö GAA began the 4th quarter as they finished the 3rd. Although the pace may have dropped a little, Malmö GAA looked in control. The pressure continued from Malmö right throughout the last quarter, evident from the final whistle coming after a wide being kicked from the final mark taken 5 metres from the Maulers’ goal.


Domhnall O Cléirigh took home the Man of the Match award on a brilliant debut showing. A great addition to the squad and one to watch in the upcoming Nordic Championship. Captain Mick Lynch picked up the trophy to be kept in safe hands until 2017.


Next up for the Men’s team is the 1st Round of the Nordic Championship in Oslo on May 21st.

Malmö GAA Host Scandinavian Tournament Round One 2015

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The tournament will be held at Ribersborg Football Pitches throughout the day and will consist of group and knockout games, both for the Mens & Ladies teams. Come and enjoy the day with us and cheer on Malmö's very own GAA team as the compete to be Scandinavian Champions.


Travelling Info

For those travelling you can get the number 7 bus from Malmö Centralen which only takes 7mins. The bus drops you off at Potatisåkern and you're right in front of the pitches (see map).

On May 9th, Malmö GAA will host the first round of the Scandinavian GAA Tournment. Malmö welcomes Mens & Ladies teams from :

Malmo Tournament Draw.


All matches are 25 mins (2 x 12.5 mins)


Both finals are 30 mins 2 x 15 mins


Group 1. Pitch 1 and 2


Malmo, Copenhagen, Jyvaskyla, Stockholm B



Group 2. Pitch 1 and 2


Stockholm A, Gothenburg, Ribban Rovers



Ladies. Pitch 3


Malmo, Copenhagen/Gothenburg, Stockholm




Time (Pitch) Match (Umpires)


10.00 (1) Malmo v Copenhagen (Stockholm A)


(2) Jyvaskyla v Stockholm B (Gothenburg)


10.30 (1) Ribban Rovers v Gothenburg (Stockholm B)


(3) Ladies. Malmo v Stockholm A (Copenhagen/Gothenburg)


11.00 (1) Jyvaskyla v Malmo (Stockholm)


(2) Copenhagen v Stockholm B (Ribban Rovers)


11.30 (1) Stockholm A v Ribban Rovers (Copenhagen)


(3) Ladies. Cph/Gtb v Stockholm (Malmo)


12.00 (1) Malmo v Stockholm B (Jyvaskyla)


(2) Gothenburg v Stockholm (Ribban Rovers)


12.30 (1) Jyvaskyla v Copenhagen (Malmo)


(3) Ladies. Malmo v Cph/Gtb (Stockholm)


13.00 Lunch and entertainment


13.30 (1) Group 1 winner v Group 2 runner up (3rd Group 1)


(2) Group 2 winner v Group 1 runner up (3rd Group 2)


14.00 (1) Third v Third 5/6 playoff (1st Group 2)


14.30 (1) 3/4 playoff (4th Group1)


15.00 (3) Ladies Final


15.30 (1) Men's Final


Some start times may vary throughout the day.



- Malmö

- Malmö

- Ribban Rovers

- Stockholm

- Stockholm

- Copenhagen/Gothenburg

- Oslo


- Jyvaskyla


Onwards and Upwards for the Talented Ladies of Malmö GAA

Scandinavian Championship Round 1 - Gothenburg


Congratulations to the Malmö GAA Ladies continuing on their European success last year by winning the 1st Round of the Scandinavian Championship. By defeating both Gothenburg in the knock out stage and Stockholm Gaels in the final they have set themselves up nicely for the 2nd Round in Copenhagen. Best of luck to the Champions.

Knock Out Round